our video strategy process

Our team crafts a strategic plan that will ensure your message infiltrates your entire market.

These video marketing strategies will lead to more views, which turn into more conversions and more clients and customers in your pocket.


pre production

Our pre-production process starts off with a discovery meeting to really get to know you and to understand your current pain points. Once determined a right fit, we then put together a strategic plan tailored just for your needs. this entails funnel creation, scripting, shot list and a distribution plan. 


film - production

Now is the time to


post production

After the shoot is complete, we drop all content into designated client folders that are organized for each production day or project. after editing, we upload all edits into frame.io for revisions or upload into your google drive folder.



Once all content is finalized and approved, it's ready to be presented to your audience for their consumption through various channels and media formats. This process can be handled by our team or you can take the lead and distribute it through your channels on your own.